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To become a skilled archer, you should undergo practice and training. There are no shortcuts to becoming an expert without training. Target practice is the only way to hone archery skills, and a good target to practice archery is necessary. Investing in a good target is a must for anyone trying their hand at archery. Each target is made from different materials, and each one has its life span.

How Long Will an Archery Target Last?

A high-quality target can take over 20,000 shots with ease. However, the material of the target plays a role in the same. A cheap target without proper maintenance will not last even 100 hits. In addition to that, there are different types of targets, and each of them has a distinct life span

Types of Targets

As an inexperienced archer, you should begin with one of the following targets: Each of them has a different life span. We will discuss the factors that affect its duration, quality, and the way it has to be maintained. These are the three types of targets to invest in.

  • Straw Targets
  • Foam Targets
  • Linen Targets

The prices differ depending on each material the target is made from. Each of them has specific pros and cons and different maintenance methods. Based on these, you can conclude how many shots it can take.

Straw Targets

Beginning with archery, novices can choose a straw target. Although expensive, these targets tend to last a very long time compared to others. Some manufacturers provide straw targets with screws. With these screws, you can tighten the target, making them last longer. 

Straw tends to compress instead of being pierced, and it allows them to outlast most of the other types on the market. Due to the longevity it provides, archery clubs tend to use these for target practice.

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If you are training daily, you might want to invest in one of these straw targets. Moreover, straw targets are also eco-friendly, and possess good stopping power, and are heavy. The best way to maintain a straw target is to store it indoors in a dry place.


  • Straw targets have good stopping power.
  • The durability is good and can be adjustable with high-quality straw target manufacturers.
  • You can use pins to attach the target face to the straw target.
  • Straw targets are eco-friendly.


  • Straw targets are very costly compared to the other options.
  • It is too heavy to move around regularly.
  • Arrow retrieval is difficult in a straw target.

Foam Targets

Foam targets are cheaper when compared to straw targets, and foam target requires a minimum thickness of 7 centimeters or 3 inches. If a foam target were any thinner than this, it would not have the ability to stop an archer’s arrow.

If you are using a youth bow, you can choose a foam target that is thinner than this. The number of shots the foam target takes can depend on its quality, and a cheap foam target may not even last 100 shots from a decent arrow.

Do extensive research and find which manufacturer provides the ideal thickness that can give the expected number of shots. It is also one of the most common target types chosen by archers. Therefore, there are many manufacturers to choose from.


  • You can attach a target face using pins.
  • Durability can be very high, with a thickness of 7 centimeters or more.
  • Foam targets have a moderate weight, making them easy to move around.
  • Foam targets are a good option for inexperienced archers.


  • The stopping power of the foam target depends on the foam quality.
  • Durability can be low for low-quality foam or foam with a thickness of fewer than 7 centimeters.
  • Foam targets are not eco-friendly.
  • The price of foam targets is higher and depends purely on the quality.
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Linen Targets

If you are a compound archer or a crossbow shooter, the linen target may be ideal for you. These do not use friction to stop the arrow from your equipment, and they are designed to use mass to stop the arrow. The outside of the bag can get worn fast and would need replacing.

It can happen after a few hundred shots from your equipment. The good news is, linen replacement is by far cheaper when compared to any other target option you have. They are also light in weight and easy to move around, and it has good stopping power.

The durability factor of these targets is also very high. Your target face would need duct tape to keep it in place, and it is because pins cannot be attached to linen targets. You can use the linen target if you intend on practicing your archery skills daily.


  • Linen or bag targets have good stopping power.
  • It is light in weight, making it easier to move around when needed.
  • The price of linen target is lower than any other option available.
  • The durability of the linen or bag target is decent.
  • Arrow removal is easier compared to straw targets.


  • Target’s faces need attaching with duct tape, as pinning them is impossible.
  • It is not as eco-friendly when compared to straw targets.

Tips For Selecting The Right Target For Practice 

We will provide you with some tips to help you select the right target for practice. Follow these tips to make a wise call on the ideal choice as a target. So, here are the following tips to consider before investing in a target.

  • Consider Weather Conditions: It is always a good idea to consider the weather conditions. Choosing a target depending on the weather conditions can help it last longer. Not all are suited to every weather condition.
  • Purpose and Use: You should have clarity on the purpose of the target and the type of bow and arrow you intend to use. If you consider these things, it would be easy to select the ideal target for practice.
  • Price and Budget: If you are a beginner, you must not choose an expensive target. Purchasing a foam or linen target would be a good option as they are cheaper. If you have a decent budget, you can choose straw targets. 
  • Consult With Expert Archers: It is always a good idea to talk with experts in archery. They can provide input that can be very useful for you as a beginner. 
  • Read Reviews: For any target and manufacturer you choose, always remember to read reviews or testimonials about them. It can give you much information on how they have held up with people from different parts of the world. By knowing this, you can come to a good conclusion about choosing the right target. The best advice you can get is from someone who has already used the target, and they can tell you how it has progressed and if it was a wise investment or not.
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Straw targets are the best when it comes to longevity. Despite being costly, they can withstand a greater number of shots compared to other options.

If you want one that is cheaper, you can choose a linen or bag target that is durable. Foam targets can be ideal for daily use in your backyard with minimal wear and tear. These factors can help you choose the target for your archery practice.

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