Spin Wings Vs. Normal Vanes: What’s the Difference

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Spin wings Vs. normal vanes are quite a topic of debate in the archery space. Although the majority of archers in the Olympic Games shoot with spin wings, many believe that they should switch to normal vanes.

However, many archers who have switched to normal vane state that the process is not easy. In fact, hoping to acquire ultimate accuracy suddenly after changing your vanes is absurd.

But if you want to figure out which method will best suit you, then knowing about the differences between these two methods will be helpful.     

There is no factual evidence that switching from either method again boosts accuracy, but you can definitely increase the spin amount if you use spin wings. 

This article will explore the effects of spin wings and normal vanes on the arrow while shooting.

Further, it will help you evaluate which technique is better for increasing accuracy. So let us start with our comparison. 

A Quick Comparison: Spin Wings Vs. Normal Vanes

Making even a little change in your archery setup causes several changes that you won’t even notice at first. Archers only see the differences when there are changes in the final result. Here is a quick overview of the dissimilarities between spin wings and normal vanes. 

Spin WingsNormal Vanes
The spin rate is higher in arrows.No significant changes in the spin rate of the arrow.
Allows acquiring more drag.Drag is lower.
Comparatively light in weight. Comparatively heavier in weight.
High chances of clearance issues.Low risk of clearance issues.
Poorly durable.Durability is good.
Can attain faster arrow fletching.It also allows a quick arrow fletching process.

The above-mentioned brief listing of differences between the two setups gives you an idea of how they might affect results. Keep reading further to explore these details in depth. 

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Spin Wings Vs. Normal Vanes: One On One Detailed List Of Differences

In the below section, we will look into different aspects that change when you switch between the two setups: 

Arrow spin

Spin wings have the main purpose of naturally increasing the spin rate of the arrow. In fact, when it comes to producing more arrow spin, spin wings setup wins the debate. On the other hand, the amount of arrow spin is comparatively lesser in normal vanes. 


While shooting an arrow in archery, it usually spins due to the conversion of air resistance into a rotational force. Further, this process generates drag. In the case of spin wings, the drag gets greater as this setup allows the arrow to spin more. And as a result, your arrow will accelerate faster. 

The drag will be lower as normal vanes cannot meet the number of spins that the spin wing setup provides to the arrow. 

Vane’s Weight

Here we can see that spin wings are more advantages than normal vanes. The weight of a spin wing is much lesser than normal vanes.

Thus,the overall arrow will have a lighter weight as well. Furthermore, it benefits archers by increasing their shooting range.

Additionally, it also affects the dynamic spine of an archer, which directly influences the behavior of an arrow. 

Durability And Clearance Issues

Clearance issues are not that common in archery. However, when the dynamic spine shifts, it may give rise to clearance issues.

In the case of spin wings, the occurrence of clearance issues can get pretty annoying as the setup is fragile, causing it to wear and tear. The material used to make it is also not of the highest quality; hence the durability of spin wings is low. 

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When it comes to normal vanes, the chances of clearance issues arising while shooting is low. Also, standard vanes are comparatively more durable. 

Arrow Fletching

While you perform arrow fletching with spin wings, the process is quite easier and faster. Here you can either use glue or sticky tape to put the vanes in place. Arrow fletching technique for a spin-wing has an equal number of supporters and deniers. 

One of the pros of fletching your arrows in the spin wing setting is that you don’t need to wait longer to allow your glue to get dry. It indicates that you can complete the process with all your arrows in one sitting. Also, you do not need fletching tools for spin wings. 

Further, the process of arrow fletching with normal vanes is less finicky. Make sure to attach the sticky tape and then wrap it in the first attempt. Also, note that once you wrap all the arrows with sticky tape in a normal vein, you won’t be able to reattach them. 

Key Takeaways

The keynote that you should keep in mind is that spin wings will not make your arrow shots more precise in terms of technicality.

However, many archers who use spin wings believe that this setting provides more stability in flight regardless of minor mistakes.

So the thought of switching from normal vanes to spin wings might be an advantage in some aspects. But consistent shooting practices should be your main focus regardless of which shooting setup you are using. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are spin wing vanes better than normal vanes? 

Although using spin wings help in improving steadiness, it is not the only factor that profits the result. Other factors like a properly tuned bow, maintaining a consistent form, and others are equally important. Aside from this spin, wings are fragile and need constant replacement if a clearance issue arises. Considering all these factors, calling spin wings better than normal vane will not be completely true.

Do spin wings provide more accuracy to arrows? 

There is no solid evidence that spin wings improve the accuracy of the arrows, but it has been seen that it provides better stability to arrows while in flight. Hence it can be one of the reasons for a boost in downrange accuracy. However, many arrows come with vanes with an offset or straight orientation, resulting in inaccuracy issues. 

What do you mean by spin wings? 

Spin wings are generally used along with the aluminum and carbon arrows made for high-performing outcomes. The arrows attached to its spin wings are suitable for both field and target archery. These are light in weight and provide comparatively better stability. 

Which is the most suitable spin wing you must pick? 

To find out the best-fitting spin wings, you should consider all these top three elements: the profile, length, and stiffness. For example, arrows with lengths ranging from 27 inches to 30 inches should have a 50 mm spin wing vane. 

What do you mean by helical fletching? 

Helical fletching doubles down the spin rate of the arrow, providing a flatter trajectory, improved broadhead flight, and tighter groups. 

Bottom Line

The above comparison and queries state that spin wings might be slightly advantageous. But it does not meet the accuracy level that can compel one to switch from normal vane to spin wings.

So unless you are experiencing any issues with your current vane setup, switching to either of them is not that worth it. 

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