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One of the most commonly used bow types is the recurve bow. From beginners to experienced archers, you can see that people are more comfortable with recurve bows than the other options. It is due to the versatility that these recurve bows offer to archers.

One of the most prominent pieces of gear that come with a recurve bow is the arrow rest. Some manufacturers provide a provision to add an arrow but do not sell an arrow rest. Many archers choose to use different types of arrows, depending on their purposes and the type of recurve bows they have.

Choosing an arrow rest that suits your bow comprises different factors. One thing that determines the type of arrow rest is the kind of arrow you use. Thick or thin arrows require several arrows rests. The purpose of the arrow also matters. So, let’s look at how these different factors can affect the selection of arrow rest. 

The Function Of An Arrow Rest 

Before you move on to find the proper arrow rest for your recurve bow, you must understand what role it plays. It would help you determine what type of arrow rest is an ideal fit for your bow. Like its name, the arrow rest assists the arrow rest on it while shooting.

There are primary and complex arrow rests, and each of them has advantages and disadvantages. Selecting one depends on how you would like your arrow rest to respond to your recurve bow. So, we look at the different options available.

Types Of Arrow Rests 

As we mentioned earlier, there are different kinds of arrow rests, and each of them is of a different kind. The way they operate and how they are fixed also differ greatly. We will look at some of the types of arrow rests that are in everyday use, and they are as follows: 

  • Thin Plastic Arrow Rest
  • Thick Plastic Arrow Rest
  • Metal Screw on Arrow Rest
  • Metal Stick on Arrow Rest
  • Whisker Biscuit
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Thin Plastic Arrow Rest

Using this arrow type happens with beginners, and it is also when cheap recurve bows are purchased, and this one comes as an integral part of it. This arrow rest is also inexpensive and is used by archers who are starting with their archery training.

As the name suggests, this arrow rest is made of plastic and is very thin, and it also means that they are flexible too. The archer can be assured that there will be minimal to no resistance from the arrow rest. It is one of the stick-on types that you should stick to properly.

It also means you would not be able to change it later if you need to. The stickiness of your arrow rest would diminish if you attempted to remove it and refix it. Therefore, alignment for the first time is vital. You cannot make any changes to the elevation with this arrow rest.

Thick Plastic Arrow Rest

Archery ranges or training places usually have these thick plastic arrow rests. These are also commonly used by beginners and are made of thicker plastic than the former. This arrow rest can forgive the archer even if they do not possess the ideal technique.

Thick plastic arrow rests are also relatively cheaper than the more complex ones. However, they are durable and belong to the stick-on category. The interference of this arrow rest with your arrow is much higher when you compare it with the thinner option.

It is usually great for beginners who do not wish to invest much money in an arrow rest. These are not adjustable either, which means that you should align them properly when you fix them for the first time. Trying to flex this arrow rest manually may cause it to break.

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Metal Screw on Arrow Rest

A metal screw-on arrow rest is usually one of the more stable options for an archer who is a step further than a beginner. There is a second screw hole in your bow, which you can use to screw on this metal arrow rest. They do not belong to the stick-on category and are reliable.

“Wire arrow rest” is the other name commonly used for the metal screw-on arrow rest. You can find many intermediate archers using these types of rests to achieve better results with their aiming. You can fix the screw-on arrow rests on most intermediate bows.

Metal Stick on Arrow Rest

The difference with this arrow rest is that it has to be stuck to your bow using sticky tape. However, archers find it annoying as they keep falling off due to the vibration caused when an arrow is shot. You may have to spend time sticking it with another tape.

The other difference between the plastic stick-on arrow rest and this arrow rest is that they are made of metal. These arrow rests are also a little heavier in terms of weight, and the apparent reason is that they are constructed of metals. You can choose a magnetic option with these rests.

Since your bow is made of metal, the magnet attaches to it with relevant ease. However, securing it with sticky tape is very important to lessen the chances of it falling off due to vibration. These arrow rests are also not as costly but costlier than the plastic ones.

Whisker Biscuit

Hunters generally use this type of arrow rest, and you would not find these in archery ranges or places of practice. The overall look of the whisker biscuit arrow rest is different. These are meant to hold the arrow in place despite the archer moving around a lot.

It usually helps in hunting, where an archer invariably moves a lot with the arrow in place. The arrow is held correctly in this rest and is unable to move. However, the downside to this rest is that it interferes with the arrow’s flight, and the accuracy is lower too.

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Tips To Select The Right Arrow Rest For A Recurve Bow 

We have given the different types of rest that you can choose as an archer. The above information was a general guide to how you can select an arrow rest for your recurve bow. If you are purchasing an arrow rest, consider these tips below.

Comfort is Everything 

While selecting an arrow rest, remember that comfort is the foremost thing. If you are not comfortable with a type, it is better not to purchase it and go for one that suits you.

Talk With Experts 

Experienced archers can give you a lot of insight when choosing an arrow rest for your recurve bow. They can tell you the best options to choose from, and they can give you a fair idea of what you should ideally purchase.

Durability Over Price

Some people compromise on the durability factor over price. They chose to purchase cheaper arrow rests for their recurve bows. These may not always be as durable as their costlier counterparts.


There is no such thing as the correct arrow rest. Archers use each of the types at various stages of their archery training. If you are a beginner, remember not to choose a very complex arrow rest and instead go for cheaper options.

Once you begin learning the art of archery, you can purchase advanced and costlier arrow rests for your recurve bow. An arrow rest that suits one person may not necessarily be for another. Therefore, personal preferences and comfort matter when selecting an arrow rest. 

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