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Modern archery consists of so much equipment, accessories, and bows. These are designed, manufactured, and used by people for better consistency and accuracy.

In the early days, bows and arrows were the only equipment used. However, anyone looking at modern archers would find that they carry a bag full of equipment that is put to use. A release and a d-loop are two things used in modern archery.

We will see if you can use a release without a d-loop.

Yes, you can use a release without using a d-loop. However, using a d-loop would add to your accuracy factor and make the bow more forgiving of minor mistakes. You should know that finding the right nocking might be difficult without a d-loop.

Reasons For Shooting Without A D-loop

A small group of archers does not prefer to use the d-loop even after knowing its advantages. We try to point out the possible reasons why they prefer to shoot without a d-loop. It can help you ascertain if you should be one of the small groups opting not to use a d-loop.

Release Attachment is Easier

One of the major advantages that archers consider is the ease of attaching the release. When a d-loop is involved, it just makes the process of connecting a release a little more hard. It is due to the complexities involved with the entire attachment process.

In a compound bow, the release should be attached to the d-loop, and it is a process that has to be done repeatedly for each shot. Some archers prefer using a string rather than a d-loop, and they consider the process becoming simpler when they shoot with a string and not a d-loop.

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The D-Loop is Loosening

It is common among the minority of archers that the d-loop becomes loose often. It can happen in a classical case where an archer handmade a d-loop. If they do not follow the proper process, the chances of it coming loose are high.

However, if you take the necessary steps, the possibilities of it coming loose are relatively low. Most archers worry about the d-loop coming loose during a draw, and a well-made or reliable d-loop coming loose will not be the case. So, this reason has to do with the quality of it. 

Improved Draw Length

Archers often consider that a longer draw can give them more power. It is a fact that you may compromise on the accuracy part of the shot without a d-loop. People who use their bows to hunt typically wish not to use the d-loop to attain better speeds for the arrow.

The arrow would travel fast and have more power with a longer draw. The extra length can only be a little less than or over an inch. However, it will still have an impact in terms of speed. So, not having a d-loop would increase the draw for archers, giving them more speed and power. 

An Unnecessary Accessory

If simplicity is your game, then you might consider the d-loop a burden. It is the case with some archers, as they prefer minimal additions to their bows or kits. These archers tend to rely more on their skills than their equipment to hit their targets repeatedly.

Since compound archery involves many mechanisms, shooting with a d-loop provides accuracy nonetheless. So, archers who prefer simplicity consider this an unnecessary accessory. Therefore, they choose not to use a d-loop.

Reasons For Shooting With A D-loop

Like not using a d-loop, archers also have reasons for using one. These archers consider that there are more advantages than disadvantages that come with using a d-loop. So, we will give reasons why most modern archers prefer to use a d-loop.

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One of the primary objectives of a compound archer is to hit targets regularly consistently. Because of that, they use a d-loop, which certainly increases the consistency with which they can hit targets regularly. This is why most modern archers use a d-loop at all times.

One of these downsides is that you need precision to fix your release accurately. If you change the position of the release in between shots, you are likely to lose your consistency factor. The release is designed to center itself and thus provide consistency. 

Prevents Damage to Serving

If you do not want to damage your serve, you should use a d-loop. If your release is attached straight to a serve, it can become prone to wear. The d-loop protects the serving from severe damage. The d-loop requires changing too but takes very little time.

On the other hand, changing a serving can take a skilled archer around 30 minutes, and it takes only 3 to 5 minutes for a d-loop to be changed. So, wear and tear on your serving can be avoided by using a d-loop, and that should certainly be considered. 

Avoiding Arrow Pinching

It is one of the common problems archers face when they choose not to use a d-loop. The arrow would end up rubbing the nocking points, adding friction. This, in archery terms, is called “arrow pinching,” which can lead to archers missing the target. 

Using a d-loop would eliminate the chances of arrow pinching. It would allow the arrow to travel without any friction. In addition to that, it gives the archer better accuracy when there is no arrow pinching involved when taking a shot. So, use a d-loop and avoid arrow pinching. 

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Safety Factor

A derailment is one of the worst nightmares that an archer can ever think of. Twisting of the string and the bow simultaneously can lead to this happening. Cases such as these can often be associated with people using a release without a d-loop. So, consider the safety of the shot.

Tips To Consider In Buying Or Making A D-Loop 

While acquiring or dealing with D-Loop, it is best to look at and follow these tips: 

Always invest in a quality d-loop. Or else, you can use the proper steps to make a high-quality d-loop by yourself. It is easy and does not take long to make one if you are not interested in purchasing one. Remember, making a d-loop only requires a few things.

They are, namely, a lighter, a box cutter, and a piece of rope. With this, anyone can make a d-loop in a matter of minutes. If you want to buy a d-loop, you do not have to spend much money on it, and even the best ones do not cost you much money.


Although using a release without a d-loop is possible, it is better to use it when considering the advantages involved. It is a personal choice of the archer too, and they can avoid using it if they are not comfortable with it.

So, you can weigh in on the advantages and disadvantages and try using the d-loop before you decide if you do not want to use it. Trying to use it would not cost you much money nor end up meddling with your technique or style. 

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