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In archery, you can find different accessories which make using a bow and arrow easy. These accessories also make for accurate shooting, comfort, and consistency.

One such tool is a plunger, which is also commonly referred to as a button. Often, beginners do not purchase a separate one and prefer to use the built-in button. Over time, they start to understand the importance of having a proper button or plunger.

How To Choose The Right Plunger Or Button

Choosing the right plunger or button depends on different personal preferences and budgets. However, we look at the features that are common in plungers. High-end plungers come with all the loaded features, while some cheaper models do not. So, we look at the features that make for the right plunger in the below article.

What Is A Plunger Or Button?

A plunger is used in a bow to minimize interference and have the proper configuration. It is common for archers using recurve bows to use a plunger to get better aim at their targets. Almost all plungers come in designs that are similar to one another. You either use a cap or screw to adjust to a plunger or button.

What Is A Plunger Or Button Made Of?

There are a few aspects to consider when choosing a plunger or button. We look at these things and what parts the plungers are made of. The most vital components that a plunger or button is made up of are as follows:

  • Cap
  • Barrel
  • Locknut
  • Tension Rod and Spring
  • Head

The components mentioned above are part of most plungers or buttons you can purchase for your recurve bow. You would be surprised to find that all manufacturers have similar designs. However, they all operate the same way as the others.

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Difference Between An Inexpensive And Expensive Plunger 

We have already told you that all plungers are of similar design. All plungers allow you to make the same kind of adjustments. So, you would have to choose between an inexpensive one and an expensive one for your recurve bow. For better understanding, we list out the differences between them.

Multiple Locking Screws on a Locknut

Locknuts are prone to coming out, often from the plunger or buttons. The difference between inexpensive ones and expensive ones is the locknuts coming off. Experienced archers say that the inexpensive ones are fragile with locknuts.

Expensive manufacturers of plungers or buttons provide two screws. People who have used them say that they do not have problems relating to locknuts coming out very often. So, you can have the issues taken care of if you have an expensive plunger or button.

Materials Used

Plungers or buttons are made from metal. The type of metal used on a plunger or button often speaks volumes about the durability factor of the plunger. While some of the manufacturers choose hardened metals, others use cheaper options.

Metals such as cheap alloys are often not as durable as you may like them to be, and it means that the plunger or button will not last too long and can be prone to damage. However, hardened metals are durable and can withstand the test of time.

Expensive plungers are also heavier due to the materials used to prepare them. Lightweight plungers belong to the cheaper category. So, it would also come to personal preferences on how light or heavy an archer would want the plunger to be.

If you want durability and reliability, you will have no choice but to choose the heavier option. If you wish for a lighter plunger or button, you can select the cheaper variant. So, there has to be a compromise on either of these things by you as an archer.

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Tightening Tool

After each shot, vibration on the bow makes the plunger come loose from the plunger bushing. As an archer, the plunger or button coming loose can cause a ton of disturbance. Some manufacturers provide a tightening wrench to fix this issue.

These tools are only available with an expensive plunger or button. Some of the models do not allow you to tighten the plunger by hand. It makes the entire tightening process difficult without a wrench. So, having a tool to do the job is great with expensive plungers.

Minute Adjustments

Expensive manufacturers use tension rods instead of tension screws, and it makes the adjusting process simple for the archer. As an archer, you would only be required to turn the cap to make minor adjustments.

The inclusion of a ball rachet system also comes only with expensive plungers and not with inexpensive ones. As an archer, you would be amazed by the difference these minor or minute adjustments can make to make things better for you.

Tips To Help You Choose The Right Plunger

There are always some tips that you can consider before buying a plunger or a button. These would guide or enable you to select the right one from the many that are available on the market. Consider these things before you go on to purchase a plunger.

  • Read Testimonials: You will not be able to find a better way to learn about a product than by reading testimonials about it. Genuine testimonials speak volumes about a plunger’s good or bad is among the different options available. So, read testimonials about the top products on the market before purchasing one.
  • Quality: It is always better to choose the best in terms of quality. A plunger or button that is not good in quality may not yield the right results. So, select one which is known for its quality. 
  • Compare Options: It is always a good idea to compare the different options in the market. Comparing various manufacturers and models would help you identify the right plunger you want.
  • Features: You may not use all the features on a plunger or button as a starter in archery. However, it is wise to experiment with the feature that is offered. Over time you would begin using all of them. So, purchasing one that is loaded with all the features is a good idea for you as an archer.
  • Getting Expert Opinions: In addition to reading testimonials, you can seek expert advice. A person who has years of practicing archery can impart more information than you think. They can be the perfect guide to let you know what model or manufacturer you should choose.
  • Settle for the Best: You are essentially investing by purchasing a button or a plunger. When this is the case, it might be a better option to settle for one that is considered the best in the market, even if it is costlier.
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In simple terms, it is ideal for a beginner or an expert to choose the best plunger on the market. Essentially, these are the ones that are loaded with all the features that you may want as an archer. 

Although a beginner may not use all the features, they eventually will use them at a later point as they gain experience. So, it would not be a bad idea to invest in an expensive plunger or button that has all the required features to help you be good at archery. 

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