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There are very few people who have mastered the art of archery. Although archery is not complex, it requires dedication and practice to master.

There are different bows and arrows used these days, and each of them serves specific purposes.

One of the more complex bows used these days is the compound bow. Many archers use these bows for practice and fine-tuning their archery skills. 

Are Cheap Compound Bows Any Good

Cheap compound bows can be good as they use the same technology or mechanism as the costlier ones. However, you have to give importance to the materials used to make the bow. One also has to find out how reliable they are. For beginners, the decent idea is to choose a cheap compound bow with a good reputation.

What Are Compound Bows? 

In simple terms, an archer is aided by pullies on both limbs of the bow. These pullies allow the arrow to travel with speed and power.

The mechanical system involved helps the archer use less strength. They are also heavier than recurve bows. 

How Do Compound Bows Work? 

A compound bow gives the archer more distance and power with little effort, and it is due to a pulley attached to each limb of the bow.

When the archer pulls the string, the pullies assist in helping gain more momentum in a shot.

The wheels placed help attain more power for the archer to shoot. You need to know the advantages of using a compound bow.

We have listed features that help archers and some that are not helpful in the below article.

It would help archers and beginners understand why they should or shouldn’t choose compound bows.

We also draw a short comparison between cheap compound bows and what they offer for archers. It would make deciding easier for archers.

Some Unique Advantages Of Compound Bows 

We list the advantages of using compound bows along with them below. Before you decide to purchase a compound bow, you should weigh all the benefits. So, here are the advantages of using a compound bow.

Accuracy Factor

Every archer would agree that the accuracy of a compound bow is better than the other alternatives.

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A full draw is achieved with ease on it, which provides better accuracy. Your aiming will improve when you have a full draw. 

The ability of the arrow to provide an impact on the intended place speaks volumes about its accuracy. Beginners will find that archery is easy when they hold a compound bow, and it happens as they achieve a better hit rate at the target than with other bow types.

Arrow Velocity

The arrow’s velocity is achieved even in windy conditions with a compound bow. The cams, or pullies, rotate at rapid speeds and provide instant release. It means that the arrow is unlikely to flinch while it travels through the air toward the target.

Experts say that the approximate measurement is 310 fps, or even more in terms of arrow velocity.

Unlike its competitors, the arrow is not susceptible to drifts caused by windy conditions. It provides a good reason for an archer to be confident about their skills.

Adjustable Draw Length and Draw Weight

Here is another factor you should consider as an archer. Despite this being a task left to experts, it is still possible to adjust these factors. It makes a massive difference to the archer when these are adjustable.

In layman’s terms, you can say that different tasks can be accomplished with one bow, and it is unlike others in this aspect or feature, and even with recurve bows. Your muscle memory can be increased by holding on to the draw for much longer.

You can even increase and decrease the power of your arrows. It is something you can not do with any other bow without sacrificing the quality of your shot.

A preferred length and weight in terms of the draw are achieved with a compound arrow.

Archer Satisfaction

One other thing that compound bows offer an archer is satisfaction. Any archer who uses a compound bow would be thrilled by the sound that the release produces. The other sound they are likely to enjoy is the one that it makes when it hits the target.

These things might sound silly to most people, and however, an archer would enjoy these sounds when produced and heard.

Experienced archers are thrilled to explain or experience the way these sounds give them confidence or satisfaction. 

Some Disadvantages Of Using A Compound Bow 

Despite the advantages a compound bow has, you would also need to look at the disadvantages. We will list out the disadvantages below when using a compound bow. These factors will help you come to an educated decision on selecting cheap compound bows.

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Cost of the Compound Bow 

Here is another disadvantage that an archer would have to consider. If you are a beginner, this aspect would certainly put you off.

A compound bow can cost money, even if you choose a cheaper variant.

Any beginner would not like to invest huge amounts of money when they have just begun archery.

A compound bow without accessories can cost you about $200. It would be for the cheaper variants, not the branded or costlier ones.

You would be paying $600 or more for a decent compound bow. There are compound bows that are as expensive as $2,000 on the market from reputed brands or manufacturers.

So, the investment part is something that you should consider as an archer.

Awkward Shapes 

Compound bows have shapes that make them awkward. The storage aspect becomes slightly difficult. It would not be possible for you to store the compound bow without a protective case, and bulky bows mean bulky cases and more space requirements.

Transporting them can be a difficult task considering their shape and box size. It cannot be unstrung when you decide to store it, and it would again mean more requirements in terms of storage space for your compound.

Adjustability Factor 

We talked about how to adjust the compound bow. The draw, weight, and different things are adjustable with this bow.

However, the sad part is that you cannot do it yourself, and you need help, at least when you begin using it.

When you choose to have it adjusted, an expert would have to be involved at all times. It may end up costing you money if you have to take it to the archery shop; and however, some archery shops do it for free.

If you spent or did not spend on adjustments, you would be frustrated that you needed help every time it required adjustments.

Over time, you can master the adjustments and begin doing it yourself without requiring any help. 

Heavier than Other Bows 

It is important to understand that compound bows can be heavier. Of course, there are compound bows lighter than recurve bows. Any decent manufacturer would be selling these heavier compound bows.

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It can work to your disadvantage if you are planning to use a compound bow for hunting. Even if you practice for long hours using a compound bow, you are likely to strain your muscles due to its weight.

Sensitivity to Faults 

Compound bows use a little mechanism to provide power and speed to the archer. It is due to the mechanism involved in the draw and the release, and the pullies play a role in delivering power and speed.

Due to the mechanism involved, it makes them sensitive to faults. A simple flaw on a compound bow can cause it to malfunction to a great extent.

It means that you would have to take the bow to an experienced archer or a mechanic to have it fixed.

Specific tools are required to fix even minor issues. Experience in finding what is wrong is also necessary to enable a person to fix it.

So, unless you have the tools and expertise, you are susceptible to the sensitive nature of the compound bow. 

Consider These Suggestions 

Compare Options: If you plan to purchase a compound bow, it may be ideal if you compare it with a recurve bow. You can do it by going to an archery club to try the different options available.

Reputation: Consider investing in a compound bow from a reputable manufacturer. The reliability of the bow may be better with a reputed manufacturer.

Read Reviews: Before taking the plunge and making a purchase, read genuine reviews. It would help you identify the model, manufacturer, and type of compound bow to purchase.

Expert Opinions: Consult with experts if possible. These can be done on archery forums over the internet or in person if you have access to an experienced archer. It can help you decide whether or not to purchase a compound bow.


To conclude, even cheaper compound bows are better for beginners and expert archers alike.

You can consider all the mentioned advantages, disadvantages, and suggestions before purchasing one.

Due to its accuracy, an archer can get much confidence even when using a cheaper compound bow. Changing from a compound bow to a recurve bow is easy and not the other way around.

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