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Archery is a sport that requires immense skill and practice. Most sports need regular training to master. However, archery involves extra effort. In archery, it is necessary to keep the equipment in top-notch condition.

There are several archery tools other than bows and arrows, and these accessories have a range of prices. It is crucial to pick the best quality equipment to ensure that nothing will hinder the archery practice.

One such significant piece of equipment is a peep sight, and this article will explain how to use it on a bow. 

How To Use A Peep Sight On A Bow

Determine the distance and adjust the bow position and stance. Adjust the anchor such that the peep sight remains visible. Focus through the peep sight with the dominant eye until the target becomes clear. Locate the mark with the forward scope and close one eye to enhance focus. Focus until the sight pin measures with the equivalent distance and align the bubble in the center. Let the pins float around, relax and shoot. 

Why Use A Peep Sight?

The most crucial parts of archery training are accuracy and consistency. It is necessary to look into the front sight while shooting the arrow. Looking into the front sight makes it easy to hit the target. It is possible to achieve this accuracy with practice.

However, getting a peep sight makes the process easy. Archery is a game of skills, experience, luck, and equipment. The correct peep sight can make archery the most enjoyable sport. How to use a peep sight on a bow? This article will explain. 

What Is A Peep Sight?

Archery is a sport of many skills and several tools. The most insignificant-looking equipment can bring about much difference in performance. A peep sight is one such tool that increases accuracy and makes it easy to hunt animals like elk. 

A peep sight is nothing more than a hole installed in the string of a bow. Archers use it with the bowstring to narrow the field of vision and hit the target accurately. It is not different from a peep sight on a rifle. However, this small hole can make a significant difference while hunting animals. 

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Types Of Peep Sights

Archery is a sport that has seen several innovations throughout the years. Several types of peep sights exist in the world of archery. 

Difference By Sizes

The size of a peep sight can range from 1/32″ to 1/4″. Target archers use small peep sites because they are more accurate.

Target archers also have an estimate of the distance from the target. Bowhunters use large-sized peep sights because they are unsure about the size of their target. 

Tubed Peep Sights

Tubed peep sights come down the olden days when manufacturing a solid bow was hard. Manufactures would install a tube that would rotate to the correct position whenever the archer pulled the string. Tubed peep sights still work well with old bows. 


The number of slots is another differentiating factor of peep sights. Most actors use a two-slot design, but many three-slot models also exist. 

How To Choose A Peep Sight?

Choosing a peep side depends on the purpose of archery. It is wise to test bows with several peeps sites before choosing one. Large-sized peep sights are better for hunting than small peep sights.

However, the exact size will depend on the target animal. Large animals like elk, bear, and whitetail deer are easy to hunt with a large peep sight.

On the contrary, small peep sights are ideal for birds and little animals like foxes. Small peep sights also improve the depth of field and increase focus on the target. 

Always install the peep sight before going out for the hunt. It is not easy to change a peep sight on the go, and a tubeless peep sight is ideal for the compound bow.

However, a tubed peep sight works well with old models and worn-out strings. Peep sight with three slots improves stability and accuracy, but a two-slot model is ideal for novices. 

How To Use A Peep Sight On A Bow?

Step 1: The most crucial part of using a peep sight is deciding the distance where the pins lie. Without knowing this distance, the chances of inaccurate shorts become high.

Mostly, the top pin of any peep sight is at 20 yards, and Archers should expect a 10-yard increase on the remaining part of the peep sight. 

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Step 2: Ensure that the anchor point does not block the view of the peep sight. One way to prevent the anchor points from obstructing the view is periodically adjusting the anchor point all the face position. 

Step 3: Always line up the corresponding pin to the target according to its distance from the bow. The objective of using a peep sight is to keep the bubble in the center.

Let the bubble remain at the center of the fore-sight and the pin on the target. Under such conditions, an accurate shot becomes more than likely. 

How To Shoot With A Peep Sight? 

The purpose of a peep sight is to make it easy to hit the target. The peep sight has a small but significant role in archery. Here are all the steps to hit the target using a peep sight on the bow.

Step 1: Look through the peep sight with the dominant eye. Focus until there is a clear sight of the target. 

Step 2: After sighting the target with the dominant eye, locate it using the forward scope.

Step 3: Close one eye for increasing focus on the target. Ensure that the sight pin measures with the equivalent distance. 

Step 4: Align the bubble in the middle. Remember that it is the most crucial step in this process. Check if the proposition is in perfect alignment. If not, move it to the left or right side. 

Step 5: Allow the pins to float around for a while. Do not stress about getting them in a perfect line. Relax and shoot the arrow. 

Additional Tips For Shooting With A Peep Sight

A peep sight does not ensure an accurate hit, and practice is crucial to making the most of a peep sight. When using a peep sight, one should not forget about the basics of archery. Here are some tips that will increase the chances of hitting the target with a peep sight. 

Warm-up and Stretch

The fitness of the archer is of utmost importance in archery. Before picking up the bow and arrow, ensure to get some light exercise. A few stretches can make it easy to handle the equipment, especially if it is heavy. 

Pay Attention To The Shooting Stance

As mentioned earlier, a peep sight does not guarantee success. Assume the most comfortable, well-practiced stance to increase the chances of an accurate shot. Preferably, assume a position with the feet shoulder-width apart and at 90° to the target. 

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Keep The Bow In A Natural Stance

Along with the stance and fitness of the archers, their grip on the bow is also crucial. Always keep the bow in a natural position to improve focus on the target. 

Benefits Of Using A Peep Sight

There is a misconception that it is impossible to achieve perfection in archery. When hunting targets like elks, deer, etc., it is crucial to use a peep sight. Experience does not guarantee accuracy in archery. However, a small tool called a peep sight can increase the chances of hitting the target. Here are all the benefits of using a peep sight:

  1. A peep sight helps narrow down the target and eliminate distractions. It is crucial to get rid of distractions while hunting large animals.
  1. Peep sights enable archers to stay fundamentally strong while shooting. Without a peep sight, the anchor point can easily change. 
  1. Using a peep sight also decreases the frustration of missing targets. It saves time and resources while hunting animals. 

Drawbacks Of A Peep Sight

No equipment is perfect, and using a peep sight also has a few drawbacks

  • A small peep sight can reduce light-gathering abilities while shooting. It is why a small peep sight does not work well in low-light situations. 
  • Another drawback of using a peep sight is the dependence of the archer on it. Some archers argue that a peep sight ruins the hunting experience. It is also an irreversible addition to the bow. 
  • Lastly, a peep sight does not guarantee an accurate hit. Even with a peep sight, most archers require practice. Adding a kisser button to the peep sight further increases the chances of a good shot. 


Some archers cannot stop hunting without a peep sight after using it. It increases accuracy but hinders the ability to improve archery skills. However, archery is a tricky sport, and using some equipment can prove crucial sometimes.

A peep sight compatible with the bow can make the hunting experience better. To use or not to use a peep sight is a personal opinion.

As a general thumb rule, remember that it is essential not to use a peep sight while skill-building. However, a peep sight is a crucial accessory while hunting animals.

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