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In archery, you are only as good as your equipment is maintained. It also applies to any game or hobby involving equipment.

You can find archers treating their gear with love, care, and affection. Some archers even go to the extent of taking care of their equipment as they are a person. Unlike traditional bows, a recurve bow is a complex piece of gear.

Some basic methods you can use to store the recurve bow are to mount it on a fence, put it on a bow stand, or place it inside a protective case. Based on your requirements, you might prefer to hang the bow totally. Some models need to be disassembled when you have to store them

You must keep the bow well maintained to ensure that you get the best out of it at all times.

Beginners often do not know how to store a recurve bow. You cannot leave a recurve bow on the floor to keep it stored, and it would end up putting enormous pressure on the strings, limbs, and other parts of the recurve bow.

Therefore, we will list some of the simple things you can do to store your recurve bow properly.

The Need for Proper Storage of Your Recurve Bow 

You will find that archers take lots of care in the way they store their recurve bows. You will never find an experienced archer leaving the recurve bow on the floor unattended. The way you take care of your recurve bow determines how good an archer you become.

Archers consider these types of bows to be delicate pieces of equipment. If they are not stored properly, they can cause damage that can lead to many expenses and unnecessary stress. Damage is often due to the recurve bow having limbs that point in the opposite direction.

It means that the slightest disturbance can affect or damage the equipment. There are a few options for storing a recurve bow, and we will discuss them in detail in this article. Usually, a durable box or case is considered the best option for storing a recurve bow.

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Hard Case Storage 

Using a hard case to store your recurve bow is the best-recommended option. Heavy-duty cases allow you to shelter the recurve bow as it is.

However, you can use one that enables you to disassemble the bow and store it. 

It primarily works well for people who travel with their recurve bow, either for hunting or target practice.

You avoid the chance of causing damage to your bow during travel. Hunting trips can be demanding in terms of terrain. They can also be bumpy if you drive off-road. 

In these cases, a bow that is not stored appropriately can get severely damaged, and the damage will be expensive when you choose to have it fixed.

So, it is always ideal to use a hard case to store your recurve bow if you are likely to travel with it to different places.

The hard case can ensure that the bow is cushioned and protected. Some developed durable cases also have options for equipment to be stored in them. It would work well as you will be required to carry only one box that would contain all the essentials of your bow.

Soft Case Storage 

Some manufacturers of recurve bows provide soft cases to store your recurve bow. Some cases are lined with foam to offer extra protection for your bow. These smooth cases cost less and are not as heavy as durable cases for storage.

These are also easy to carry around if you intend to roam around with your bow. However, expert archers suggest that storing recurve bows in soft cases may damage them. Therefore, you might have to disassemble the bow to fit it into these cases. 

The same is not the case with hard cases, as some cases can be used to store a totally assembled bow. However, these factors differ from one manufacturer to another. So, if disassembling and carrying a recurve bow is your preference, soft cases might suit you.

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Bow Stands 

Using a recurve bow stand can be an excellent option while storing indoors. That stand acts much like a tripod but is designed to shelter a bow safely. It also ensures that the bow or the string is not damaged when stored properly according to the instructions provided.

Placing a recurve bow on a stand implies it has to be in a secure and stable environment. By doing that, you are assuring that someone does not accidentally trip on the bow, causing it to fall and get damaged. 

This option is relatively cheaper when compared to the hard or soft case for recurve bows. Moreover, these are also great for short-term storage, and it would mean that you could store a recurve bow that is fully ready to shoot on these stands without disassembling them.

Wall Pegs 

Wall pegs are cheaper than any of the options that we have mentioned above. These are easy to fix on any of the walls in your home.

The only thing you should worry about is the way you repair these pegs. It should be good enough to stand the weight of the bow.

If it is not sturdy enough to handle the bow’s weight, chances are it might fall and break your bow or damage it.

So, getting a sturdy wall peg and capable of handling the weight of the bow is vital. It should also be in a place with no other intervention. 

Backpack Storage 

Using a backpack to store your recurve bow is another option. However, the only way to shelter your recurve bow in a bag without damaging it would be after disassembling it. You can find different manufacturers that sell these backpacks with slots.

Each slot is designed to store specific parts of the recurve bow. If you are a person who goes on hikes while hunting, this might be a great option to consider.

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You should be advised that you need time to assemble your recurve bow upon reaching your destination. 

People who have time and take long trips by foot constantly choose this option. Carrying a recurve bow in a hard or soft case might not be an ideal option for them.

So, if your hunting excursions involve hiking, this is a viable option that you may consider using for your recurve bow.

Tips To Store A Recurve Bow 

The following are some tips that you should consider when it comes to storing your recurve bow. These tips are usually followed by experienced archers who use recurve bows. Following these can help avoid damage accidents, which affect the longevity of the bow.

If you use a recurve bow for a while, you will understand that they are fragile. Therefore, you should consider disassembling it before storing it. To avoid stress, strain, and damage to your bow, you have to do this. 

One of the most important things you should do is not allow it to be unattended. Generally, unattended bows touched by people out of curiosity are the ones that get damaged. Although not intentional, the damage would cost you a lot. 

Bottom Line 

Always choose a comprehensive storage solution for your recurve bow. Investing in one would never be a waste of money.

An expensive recurve bow that is damaged can often cost you much money in repairs or replacements of parts.

To avoid this, you must follow all instructions to keep your recurve bow safely. Some manufacturers of expensive recurve bows provide protective cases along with the bow. You can also consider these options to ensure that you are taking good care of your bow.

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