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Primal Gear Unlimited, LLC was started by Jeff and Heather Barber in July 2012 to market their first innovative product—the Compact Folding Survival Bow (CFSB). The company has since added a number of product offerings, all born of the same ingenuity, practicality and dedication to quality.

Innovative Solutions to Real-World Problems

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” and that’s how the Compact Folding Survival Bow came to be. In 2007, Jeff Barber changed jobs, requiring a move from the country to a suburban area where he could no longer step outside his back door and target shoot (a long-time hobby and means of relaxation). Remembering his bow from childhood, which got him interested in target shooting in the first place, Jeff decided to pick up archery again, but the high cost of wood long bows and recurve bows was a problem. Heather, supportive of Jeff’s hobbies, suggested building a bow; after all, he did have a background in construction, so he had both the skill and the tools. Soon after, Jeff had built his first red oak bow. While it performed well, it’s length made it difficult to carry if he wanted to shoot anywhere other than the backyard.

Initially, Jeff looked into buying an easy-to-carry bow. However, cost and associated upkeep of compound bows steered him toward takedown bows. But just before he was about to purchase one, Heather asked: “Can you build one?” Jeff’s answer: “Yes, but not economically.” But Heather persisted, asking, “If we were in an emergency situation and you lost parts when it was in takedown mode or they were damaged, how easy would it be to fix or find replacement parts?” While a carrying case would keep the bow and its parts safe, it added expense and inconvenience. So, Jeff went back to the drawing board…

Jeff’s first design offered many attractive features, such as portability, small profile and easy-to-fashion replacement parts. Yet it had drawbacks—it was not quick to assemble and broke down into multiple pieces. Jeff’s revised design featured a riser that acted like a sheath for the limbs. This model offered easier assembly and replacement parts that were already included in nearly any outdoor enthusiasts, hunter’s or survivalist’s standard gear. Unfortunately, the design would be too difficult to machine, and poured materials would not withstand the pressure from the limbs. So, Jeff went back to the drawing board…

Jeff was determined to create a bow that offered simplicity of design, ease of manufacture and use and dependability. The biggest challenge the limbs—how to easily fix or replace them in the event of a survival situation. As an alternative, Jeff found the toughest limb material he could. He created a prototype in his backyard and tested it—firing it more than 1,000 times and taking it down and reassembling it more times than he cared to count. He took the bow with him many places to make sure it was easy to carry and withstood all types of abuse. Finally, he had a winner!

The Compact Folding Survival Bow is a patented takedown bow that rivals all takedown long and recurve bows with several attractive features, including:

  • One-piece construction—no parts to get lost or damaged during assembly/disassembly
  • Small profile—lightweight and easy to carry
  • Durability—made of T-6 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum and fiberglass limbs
  • Convertibility—can be easily switched for right-hand or left-hand shooting

The CFSB is just the beginning. Primal Gear Unlimited has since developed other innovative solutions to real-world problems, such as our tactical quiver, takedown arrows and exclusive knives and cutting tools. We also have several other projects in development.

Top Quality Products Made in the USA

Primal Gear Unlimited is committed to creating products that offer superior quality and durability. We are also committed to creating products made in the USA. We source all our materials, including the aircraft-grade aluminum, fiberglass, feathers and strings, from American companies, and all our products are manufactured on American soil. As we expand our product offerings, we continue to seek American suppliers and manufacturers so that we can proudly stamp all Primal Gear Unlimited products with “Made in the USA”!

Excellent Customer Service

Primal Gear Unlimited stands behind the quality of our products. If you experience any problem with the CFSB or any archery products or accessories you purchased from us, please contact us. The same problem-solving innovation we put into our products goes into resolving customer issues.

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