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Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, hiker, camper, survivalist or prepper, you know your pack needs to contain the right tools…and that includes tools for cutting, skinning, chopping and fire-starting. You can get the capabilities you need in a single knife from the innovators of the Compact Folding Survival BowPrimal Gear Unlimited, LLC.

Knives Engineered to Get You through Hell and Back

The Hell and Back Survival Knives(HABS-K) by Primal Gear Unlimited were designed with bushcraft and survival in mind. Our HABS-K line includes:




All HABS-K are great for battoning, bow drill, firesteel, skinning and feather sticks



HABS-K Savannah

Primal Gear Unlimited’s original survival knife features:

      • 4¾” canvas micarta handle with bow drill spindle socket, thumb choyle and rounded cutout notch for use with firesteel
      • 5” x 1½” wide x 3/16” thick Ulu-style 1095 carbon steel blade
      • Leather sheath with built-in belt loop and firesteel loop

The Savanna is well-balanced, and its curve allows for more efficient chopping than straight blades. The inward choyle prevents uneven wear on your firesteel or blade. All shaping, finishing and grinding for the Savannah are done by hand for a “custom touch.”


HABS-K Satilla, which features:

      • 4¾” rough-textured, grooved micarta handle
      • 5” 1095 carbon steel hollow grind blade
      • Kydex sheath with:
        • MOLLE clip that can be adjusted for horizontal or vertical carry
        • Firesteel loop and firesteel

The Satilla works well for skinning, chopping and batoning wood as well as a number of intricate bushcraft knife tasks

HABS-K ss, which features:

      • G10 handle scales with rubberized coating and center divots for use as spindle socket for a bow drill
      • 5” x 4½” mm thick full tang blade
      • Striker cutout
      • Wire cutter
      • PVC-lined MOLLE-compatible sheath with built-in belt loop (includes whetstone)

The HABS-K ss is well-balanced for easier chopping and a more ergonomic design for slicing and shaving. The knife weighs 9.7 oz, and total weight with sheath (when packed with fire striker and whetstone) is 15.6 oz.

HABS-Kcs, which features:

      • 4½” handle with micarta scales and spindle socket on each side for a bow drill
      • Rounded cutout notch for use with firesteel
      • Built-in wirecutter
      • 5” x 4½ mm full tang 1075 carbon steel blade
      • Forward and rear lanyard holes
      • Leather sheath with belt loop and firesteel loop
      • Semi-scandi grind

The Kcs has a weight-forward design to give it superior chopping power, and a straight spine for easier batoning.

All HABS-K knives are designed for ambidextrous use, and the hollow grind allows for easy sharpening.

More Survival Cutting Tools

Primal Gear Unlimited offers products that meet our standards for ingenuity and quality. When it comes to cutting tools, Supreme Products, Inc.’s Chainsaw in a Can makes the grade.

Our cutting tool selection may grow as we discover and test other products that offer superior performance in the field.

Order the Tools You Need

Primal Gear Unlimited is the best place to get HABS-K knives. Order yours today. Please contact us if you would like more information about our products and/or recommendations for the best knife for your applications.

Get the knives designed to get you through hell and back. Order yours today!

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