Benefits of a Compact Bow

Primal Gear Unlimited, LLC’s Compact Folding Survival Bow (CFSB) offers all the benefits of a conventional compact bow. Plus, our patented design lends benefits you cannot find in any other bow on the market.

Small Profile

Compared to traditional long bows and flat bows, compact bows offer a smaller profile. The smaller size—both unstrung and strung—allow:

  • Easier transportability. With or without the carry case, the CFSB can be easily stored on or underneath vehicle seats, in the trunk, in a knapsack, etc.
  • Easier field use. With shorter limbs that make the CFSB about a foot shorter than other compact bows, it is less likely to snag on branches, giving you more freedom when stalk hunting.

The compact size and light weight of the Compact Folding Survival Bow makes it an ideal backup bow for target shooting, hunting and protection.

Easy One-Piece Assembly

The Compact Folding Survival Bow is the only true one-piece folding bow. The limbs are stored inside the riser and locked into shooting position with Delrin® knobs. Unless you are switching limbs for opposite-hand shooting or changing the draw weight, the assembly never need come fully apart. With no loose parts, there is less risk of damage and/or losing parts, so your bow is always at the ready.

Superior Durability

Our Compact Folding Survival Bow is made of the highest quality materials, including:

  • T-6 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum riser
  • Fiberglass limbs tested for archery applications
  • Delrin limb securement knobs
  • Dacron® endless loop string

The superior quality of our materials and American-made craftsmanship ensure that the CFSB will provide long-lasting performance. (It’s even withstood being run over by a truck—see the video review here.)

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