Ultimate Guide to Buying Compact Folding Survival Bow 

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In a survival situation, you would want to get your hands on anything to help you. Many people create a simulated survival environment for their pass time with family and friends. It is usually great fun and can involve many adventures. However, rather than starting from scratch, it would be a great idea if you chose to carry essentials. 

Like matches to create a fire, vessels, knives, and a first aid kit can be considered. One of the other things you can think about is having a compact folding survival bow and arrows. It would not just be self-defense equipment but also one that could help you hunt. A compact folding survival bow can also be very helpful for a hunting trip with family or friends.

There are numerous brands and manufacturers of compact folding survival bows. It would be difficult for a person to know which one to choose. So, we have put together the ultimate guide for you to select a compact folding survival bow.

We will also list the things you should look for when you intend to purchase a survival bow.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Compact Folding Survival Bow 

There are a few factors that you should consider before purchasing a compact folding survival bow. These factors determine how good the bow will be. It would also essentially mean that you are making a good investment in terms of a compact folding survival bow.

1. The Size of the Survival Bow 

Size does matter, especially when you are looking for a compact folding survival bow. The bow must meet the minimum requirements for one. However, it should not be too small in size when assembled, and a bow that is too small would look like a toy.

In addition, it will not provide you with the power that is required to defend yourself or to hunt using it. Therefore, a bare minimum in terms of size is an essential factor to be considered. Experts suggest that you choose a compact folding survival bow that is at least 5 feet long.

The size of the folding bow after assembling would not matter. A 5-foot bow is considered ideal for both hunting and self-defense. It will provide accuracy and also enough power to shoot from a distance of 30 yards.

The size of the compact folding survival bow also determines the draw weight and the power it can generate. The bow not being too big would help you assemble and disassemble it with ease, and it will also save you time while you are trekking and hunting.

2. Pricing 

It is an element often overlooked by many archers who wish to buy a compact folding survival bow. They tend to think that these bows would be expensive. However, this is just a myth and not the truth. 

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Investing much money in a compact folding survival bow may not be a wise idea. You have to think about how often you will use the bow, and it can give you an insight into how much budget you should ideally have for your bow. You will also not waste money on it.

3. Portability

The portability of your compact folding survival bow is one of the most important things you should consider as an archer. If you are using it for hunting purposes and self-defense, it is ideal to buy one that can be transported with ease when disassembled.

Once you assemble it, you will be able to achieve the desired 5-foot length that you want. However, the weight and size are things to be considered. It might become a burden if it is too heavy, especially when you go trekking or hunting on foot.

4. The Functionality of the Case 

Almost all compact folding survival bows come in a case. It makes carrying them around or storing them easier. One thing you should look for in the case is its functionality. Its versatility in terms of having extra things can also be a factor to be considered. 

Moreover, the quality of the case matters too. While some manufacturers offer hard cases, others give soft cases. You have to select one that is safe to be carried or even dropped down in rough terrain. In addition, the case should be shock-proof.

It means that the bow and other equipment in the case are not prone to damage. Even though this is the worst-case scenario, you have to consider it. It might cost you a few extra dollars, but it will be worth the money spent on a good cause.

So, an optimal case should have good functionality, be versatile, and be easy to carry around. The trekking and hunting trips will be fun with the compact folding survival bow. The storage of the bow when it is not carried around or used will also be easy.

5. Draw Length or Weight

The draw length or the weight determines how far or powerful you can shoot with the compact folding survival bow. An ideal draw for a 5-foot survival bow would be between 40 and 55 pounds. This draw weight will be good enough to bring down a deer or other animal of similar size.

In reality, you are just purchasing a longbow that is collapsible or can be disassembled. Therefore, you should not be looking to measure weightage or length as you do with a compound bow or a recurve bow. In addition, it also means that more skills are essential for the archer to shoot.

To have the optimal draw weight, you have to give yourself a minimum of 30 yards between the target and you. The draw weight also determines your shot’s power when the arrow leaves the compact folding survival bow.

6. Ease Of Assembling And Disassembling 

The ease with which you can assemble and disassemble the compact folding survival bow matters. A survival bow should not pose a challenge to an archer with these two things. It is because you are likely to need the speed, especially when faced with unknown territory.

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Moreover, you would not want to spend too much time with your bow when you are on a trip, and you are likely to bore others if you do so. Due to that, a compact folding survival bow that is easy to assemble and disassemble should be an ideal pick for you as an archer. 

7. Arrow Storage and Arrows 

We already discussed the bow case being a versatile one. Currently, we will come to the arrow part, where some manufacturers provide arrows with these bows. However, in case you wish to buy arrows separately, find out if you have the space to accommodate them.

In general, there are arrow storage spots that come along with a compact folding survival bow—because of that, finding one may not be a difficult proposition. You just have to look in the right places to find a bow with a case where it is possible to store arrows. 

8. Corrosion Resistance and Durability

If you are out in the jungle, you will have to be ready to deal with any type of situation and weather conditions. The compact folding survival bow has to be corrosion-resistant. So, when the bow is exposed to rain or water, its quality will not deteriorate.

The durability of the survival bow is also determined by how it withstands extreme conditions. You should select a compact, folding survival bow that is both durable and shows corrosion resistance. It would ensure that you have a perfectly working bow in different conditions.

Moreover, your survival bow is something that you will want to use for a long time. So, acquiring one that is durable is relatively significant. It would also ensure that it does not become prone to damage, especially when you are on a trip with friends or family.

9. Arrow Rest

Never expect a compact folding survival bow manufacturer to provide you with a relatively good arrow rest. Even though your bow might come with an arrow rest, it will be a basic one at the most. Therefore, it can be the stick-on type that you can use on either side of the bow.

10. Handedness (Right or Left)

It actually would not make much of a difference in a bow that is typically foldable and compact. The compact folding survival bows are suitable for both left-handed and right-handed archers. Stick-on rests can be used on either side of the bow, depending on the hand preference you have.

A wise option will be to choose a compact folding survival bow that both can use. It would make the bow versatile and easy to use for both right-handed and left-handed people. Almost all manufacturers keep this in mind while designing a bow of this kind.

11. Style or Appearance

If you are looking for simulated survival situations, you can go for different looks that match your preference. However, if you have plans to be in a real-life survival situation, you should not look too much into how stylish your compact folding survival bow is.

For hunting purposes, camouflage is one of the options that people often select. In addition, several other options are also available to you in the present marketplace. You can choose them according to your liking and depending on the purpose you wish to use the bow for.

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Many people prefer a color that would match the potential hunting ground. These can often be green, brown, black, or the one that is ideal for hunting. You always have different color options or even multi-color options from certain manufacturers.

12. Warranty for the Bow

Knowing about the potential warranty you have on the compact folding survival bow is crucial. Even though this is not a mandatory thing to look for, it is better to consider it. In general, the elements that a manufacturer would cover under warranty include the limbs and the riser.

You are unlikely to get a warranty on the strings or the bow itself. The longevity of the bow always has to do with how you maintain, store, and use the compact folding survival bow. The manufacturers will not take responsibility if the bow breaks due to improper handling.

You would be striking a deal with any manufacturer who can give you a better warranty than what we mentioned. Therefore, if you get one, you should take it. Also, consider purchasing a bow that has a good return policy for manufacturing defects.

13. Materials Used

The materials used to make the compact folding survival bow are crucial. Most parts of the bow are usually made of metal or wood. However, the metal and wood quality is of the utmost importance. In short, the higher the quality, the better the bow will be. 

It would help the bow last longer and be more durable at the same time. These can get a little costlier but are worth every penny you spend on them. So, if you are investing in one of these bows, you might as well invest in one made of sturdy materials.

The strings used, the rest, and the limbs are also the other things you might want to investigate. It will give you a clear understanding of how the bow is likely to perform in the upcoming years. You can also predict the amount of wear the bow can take.


Buying a compact folding bow is simpler than acquiring a recurve or compound bow. Although there are different factors we have mentioned, you will have to look at how they operate. Alternatively, you can also look for reviews and testimonials. It can be of a manufacturer or a model you are interested in. 

It would give you further insights into how the bow has performed with archers from around the world. Never go on a manufacturer’s reputation alone, as it may be misleading. You can also speak with experienced archers. The information about compact folding survival bows can be crucial and help you decide on a specific one that would suit your exact needs. 

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