6 Benefits Of A Recurve Bow (Tips for Buying)

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Using a bow and arrow is one of the ancient methods people used to hunt. They are still used these days, with people using them for different purposes. It is also a part of the Olympics, but with the inclusion of innovative technology.

There are different types of bows and arrows that have evolved. You will notice that bows are complex, provide better accuracy, and are powerful.

Benefits of Recurve Bow

The main benefit of a recurve bow is that it provides better power. Many other benefits come along with a recurve bow. The shape, speed, design, and properties are a few of the things that make a recurve bow beneficial for archers. Due to this, archers these days prefer a recurve bow over other options

What Is A Recurve Bow?

In layman’s language, a recurve bow is a 3-shaped bow. It means the tip or edge of the bow faces the target.

However, the edge or tip of the traditional bow faces the shooter or archer. In a recurve bow, the draw length is usually longer and more crucial as well.

You would also be surprised to know that the Olympic games use only recurve bows. The recurve bow can store more power than an archer uses for lightning speeds. In simpler terms, the recurve bow is the modern version of the traditional one.

The Benefits Of A Recurve Bow 

Archers who are beginners wonder what makes recurve bows desired. It is because most modern archers prefer to use it. We address this by listing out the benefits of using a recurve bow. So, here are some top benefits that make it special.

1. Speed

Speed is one of the top features that a recurve bow provides. Any target is reached much faster than with a traditional bow.

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The speed at which you hit a target determines your success. If you allow time for a live target, it will use its reflex to sway from the bow.

Even with targets that move and are not live, this can be the case. When you aim and release the arrow, you want as little time to be wasted as possible.

So, speed is a factor with any target you choose to hit. The recurve bow provides the archer with that.

2. Light Weight

A recurve bow is also light in weight. It depends on the model of the recurve bow you are using. In general, they are lighter, which makes them easy to carry. Often, game hunters travel a lot, holding their bows and arrows into the woods. 

In rugged terrain, you might want to carry a lighter bow than a heavier one. It makes it easy on your body and gives you the strength to cover longer distances.

Therefore, archers, these days, prefer a bow that is lighter in weight. Due to that, they choose a recurve bow. 

3. Less Mechanism

Some modern bows have a lot of mechanisms involved. With a recurve bow, it is the opposite. You would not have to rely on a lot of mechanisms to work. It uses the basics of the traditional bow but with a little advancement.

This advancement does not require too many adjustments from an archer. They can be used as they are designed.

The curve on the limb does the job that technology does with mechanized bows. So, it is easier to handle, especially in a jungle or forest environment.

4. More Power

The power that the recurve bow offers is a vital benefit. It is usually beneficial when you have a target to put down.

The power comes from the curved design at the end of the bow. It provides an extra bit of power that allows the arrow to travel better. 

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So, archers use this bow with different tips while planning to hunt in the wild. This power is also beneficial when they want to put down bigger targets.

The same power is impossible to achieve with traditional bows used in ancient times. 

5. Speed

The speed at which the bow travels out of the recurve bows is also faster. This is another factor for archers to choose this. Bowhunters and archers need speed for big or small game hunting. The speed ensures that a live target has no time to react before the arrow hits. 

The speed also helps with better aerodynamics of the arrow after being released from the recurve bow. Better speed and a good aim would ensure that you do not allow time for the target to react. The recurve bow provides the extra speed that archers always want.

6. Shorter and Compact

The recurve bow is shorter in stature than traditional bows. This compact design allows hunters to use it even in cramped places. It is also a great companion in forests and jungles during game hunting due to its short and compact design.

Many manufacturers of recurve bows design them to be compact and short. There are also longer recurve bows if a person needs one. However, they are not designed to possess the same power as compact designs. 

Tips on Buying a Recurve Bow 

Here are some essential tips, which will make it easy for you while planning to acquire a recurve bow. 

Purpose: There are many types of recurve bows. Each of the recurve bows is designed to serve a specific purpose. So, you must select the recurve bow based on the purpose you are planning to use it for.

Light Weight: Always select a recurve bow that is light in weight. This can help you carry it around with ease. Lighter recurve bows for hunting are ideal, rather than heavier ones.

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Compact Design: Select a compact model as it can help you use them in cramped places too. A longer bow usually does not pack the type of power that you might want for game hunting purposes.

Accessories: Some designs of recurve bows allow you to carry accessories along with them. Select these recurve bows only if you will use the accessory part. Else, you would end up making your recurve bow heavier.

Seek Help: Always take help from experts or experienced archers. They can provide you with lots of tips and reliable knowledge that can be useful. This knowledge can help you when you are uncertain about certain things.

Read Reviews: Reviews and testimonials can usually help you a great deal. They would tell you about specific flaws in designs and manufacturers. It will help you avoid recurving bows that are not reliable.

Experiment: You can experiment with cheaper recurve bows to test them before you settle on expensive ones. Do not invest too much money in an expensive brand. It especially applies to beginners who are excited about becoming skillful archers.


A recurve bow is a better option than a traditional one as it provides more power and speed for the archer. You can use a recurve bow for almost all purposes.

Recreational archers and game hunters prefer a recurve bow to other options. Consider the tips that we have provided before you purchase a recurve bow.

The advice will assist you in selecting the best bow for the specific purpose for which you intend to use it. Always remember the purpose when you choose the ideal one.

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