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Archery is undoubtedly a fantastic sport but setting up archery equipment is no less than a sport. It requires considerable skills and patience in arranging an archery kit for a smooth shot. Right from attaching quivers up to arranging bows and maintaining arrows, each of these activities requires special care and due diligence.

An Archer needs to be well versed with all this equipment and also about how to maintain it. An expert is not only one who can aim well but the one who can take care of archery equipment along with sharp aiming skills. And the foremost skill an archer must know is how to attach a quiver to a recurve bow.

How To Attach A Quiver To A Recurve Bow?

For attaching a quiver to a recurve bow, begin by placing the quiver on a flat surface. Further, to connect the quiver, you need to attach the mounting bracket to the bow sight first. For this, tighten the quiver bracket first and then tie the quiver with a recurve bow. Then line up the bow limb with the quiver and slide it into the mounting bracket. After this, tighten all the locking screws and bolts, and you’re done.

Naive and beginner archers usually don’t pay much attention to maintaining their equipment and end up breaking them down. Along with that, they also end up hurting themselves abruptly due to ignorance. As a result, they lose the motivation to continue learning archery and never look back on it. Hence, it’s of utmost importance to get well versed with the workings of equipment and set them for a smoother archery training.

Archers need to be in the proper place; otherwise, it might hinder the archer’s arm and miss the shot. For this purpose, a quiver is the best innovation that has happened in the history of archery. But what is it? Let’s take a detailed look into it.

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What does quiver mean?

A quiver is basically a piece of equipment that holds the arrows in place during shooting terms. It keeps the arrows handy to the archer to release the shots easily and smoothly. It’s a life-changing innovation for archers who have replaced the traditional hanging arrows at the back. Now a quiver can be easily attached to the bow without any hassle. 

But before we move further with how to attach a quiver to a bow, let’s aim for understanding types of quivers first.

Types of Quivers 

Quivers come in two types, and both of them require to be mounted in different ways. These are: 

  • Detachable Quiver: As the name suggests, a detachable quiver can be easily detached from the bow as per situation demands. Since they have only a single contact point, it needs to be removed before the shot; otherwise, it’ll create a loud vibration sound. Moreover, it’s much preferred and loved amongst archery enthusiasts as they prefer removing their quivers from bows before a shoot.
  • Permanent Quiver: On the other hand, a permanent quiver is attached once it’s affixed. It can only be detached from the bow with the help of a wrench or twisters, no other way around. 

Unlike detachable quivers, it has dual contact points, which keep it intact throughout the shoots and reduce vibration. Hence, it gives stability and balance while aiming the shot. So if you are someone who doesn’t want the hassle of attaching-removing-attaching quivers, then a permanent quiver is ideal for you.

Now that the quivers are no more an unknown concept to us, we shall shoot for the procedure for attaching quivers to the recurve bow. So without any further ado, let’s aim sharp on it.

How to attach a quiver to a recurve bow?

You’ll be more than surprised to know that attaching a quiver to a recurve bow is no less than a cake-walk, and it doesn’t require much strength and time to get it done once you choose which quiver to use.

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Let’s dive deep into the article to know how to attach a quiver to a recurve bow.

Step 1: Get your basics right

First things first, clean the clutter from your work desk to rest the bow on it. Place the quiver and bow on a tidy workstation for smoothly working on it. 

Step 2: Assemble all tools

As the procedure requires fixing screws into holes, get all your tools such as wrenches, Allen-keys, or hex-keys as per your preference. Make sure all the tools work correctly before assembling the quiver with a bow.

Step 3: Fill in the holes

Using the tools like hex keys and wrenches, you can loosen and fit the screws in the holes of the quiver. These wrenches have a hexagonal shape that can fit into screws of different sizes. 

Step 4: Attaching the Quiver

To take the process further, you have to attach the quiver bracket with the bow sight with the help of an Allen wrench. For this, the quiver already has holes to fit screws into, and look for screws with similar dimensions and fix them within.

Tighten the quiver bracket with full potential to remain in place properly. Once it’s tightened fully, you can attach the quiver to the bow. Before linking, pay due attention to the accurate placement of the quiver; otherwise, you’ll have to repeat the whole process from scratch.

Things to keep in mind while using bow-mounted quiver

  • Amount of arrows the quiver can carry. Don’t overburden it with excessive arrows, or else it can malfunction.
  • Look for the material used in quiver hoods and check if it can hold every arrow firmly. Practice inserting and removing broadheads into the quiver to make sure it can hold bows in place.
  • Make sure the size of the arrows and the quiver align with each other. Arrows with small shafts can’t be inserted under long quivers and vice-versa. Hence, it’s better to look out for quivers with the required size.
  • Please pay attention to the noise it creates while shooting the arrow. Confirm if the vibration is as high as you require. For this, you need to shoot a shot to know the voice and vibration density. Adjust the fittings according to your voice test.
  • Decide if you’ll need a detachable quiver or a permanent one. Look at the pros and cons of both types before jumping on to your decision.
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All in all, attaching a quiver to a bow is a simple process that includes securing the mounting bracket to the bow sight. It’s simple because of the pre-existed quiver holes that make it easier to attach the quiver bracket.

Having said that, proper care must be taken while attaching the quiver as it involves using various tools. Also, a slight shift of holes can adversely affect the fitting and setting of the bow. A minor ignorance can result in a significant shock or excess vibration while shooting. Hence, every action must be double-checked before going for the actual shoot. 


Now that you know how to attach a quiver to the recurve bow, you can easily excel at your next shoot. I’m sure you must have had the notion that mounting a quiver on the recurve bow is rocket science before reading this article.

And I hope that this article helped you shift your notion, and now it must be easy for you to attach a quiver within a matter of seconds.

Yet, be diligent and aware while doing it for the first time so that you can ace at it in the future without any hassles. However, it might seem a bit tiresome at the first attempt. But after practicing it a few times, you’ll notice that you can do it with perfection without anyone’s help.

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