Take Down Arrows

The full potential of the Compact Folding Survival Bow can only be realized with the right arrows. Primal Gear Unlimited, LLC has developed arrows that provide superior durability and portability and can be used with nearly any point or broadhead.

Take Down Arrow Specifications

Primal Gear Unlimited’s patent-pending Take Down Arrows feature:

  • Victory VForce .245 Sport, 400 spine
  • Feather fletching
  • 31” shaft when assembled
  • Easy take down by unscrewing the two halves
  • Screw-in end versatility

Take Down Arrows may be stored with tips or broadheads in so that all you need to do to fire is screw the two halves together and take aim! (Our custom carry case is designed to hold your Compact Folding Survival Bow and two sets of three Take Down Arrows.)

Set of 3 Take down arrows


Take down arrows by PGU also available in singles







Please note: Primal Gear Unlimited’s Take Down Arrows are intended for use with a long or recurve bow with a draw weight below 60 pounds. They have not been tested with draw weights greater than 60 pounds.

What Makes Our Take Down Arrows Different…Better

In addition to the design that makes assembly and disassembly of our Take Down Arrows so easy, our arrows are also glued in-house using a flexible glue that makes the feather fletching less brittle, more forgiving.

Our custom feather-fletching:

  • Extends the life of the feathers at the base
  • Decreases brittleness of the fletching

Like full-length feather-fletched arrows (also available from Primal Gear Unlimited), our Take Down Arrows can reach speeds up to 190 fps with the Compact Folding Survival Bow.

Feather Fletched Full length(Dozen)

Sharpen Your Take Down Arrows

Our Take Down Arrows come equipped with a standard field point, but the shaft allows you to use any screw-in broadhead, field point or blunt. We offer a number of points from trusted archery brands, including Magnus, Saunders and Zwickey.

Zwickey Eskilite & Eskimo


125g Field Points

Magnus Stinger
Magnus Black Hornet
Zwickey Judo










To minimize or eliminate vibration, which can damage the threads and/or loosen the point, we recommend applying a small amount of string wax to the threads of the adapter or point.

Get everything you need for target practice and field applications. Order your Take Down Arrows and points today. Please contact us with any questions or to inquire about international shipping.

Our Take Down Arrows offer excellent portability, durability and flight. Order yours today!

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