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Different things make a person a good archer. Skills, training, patience, and equipment are some of the things that make a person a capable archer.

Having an expensive bow with no skills or instruction cannot help you achieve anything. On the other hand, extensive training and skills will help an archer shoot accurately, even with a cheap bow in hand.

So, are expensive bows worth the cost? Or not? That is something we will review. It applies to recurve, compound, or traditional bows.

There is a common myth that expensive bows or equipment can shoot better than cheaper ones. It is far from the truth, and we will explain what makes an individual a good archer. We also look at the other aspects that make the bow and equipment good.

Common Myths About Expensive Bows

As we mentioned earlier, a few common myths about expensive bows need to be analyzed. We list these myths and clarify the facts about bows in general. These would help you decide if you should choose an expensive bow or not.

Faster Shooting

One of the most discussed things about bows is the speed at which the arrow travels from them. The faster the arrow goes, the better chances it has of hitting a target without having a dip or sway due to the winds. It also helps a great deal when hunting with a bow.

How fast the arrow travels has nothing to do with the cost of the bow. The draw of the archer and the physical strength in the arms matter more than the bow. Therefore, it does not matter if you have an expensive bow or not, as long as you can shoot faster.

The archers’ skills and the draw they have when they shoot determine how fast the arrow can travel. Even a bow made of wood in the hands of a skilled archer can travel at lightning speeds with no problems.

High Accuracy

Often, you can hear archers discussing the high accuracy factor of an expensive bow. Of course, accuracy is the foremost thing that an archer should possess. It applies to archers who hunt or target shoot with a bow and arrow.

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Expensive bows do not provide you with high accuracy. It totally has to do with the skill of an archer and how accurately they can hit the target. A bow plays a role in terms of design quality. However, it can not be said that expensive bows can shoot with accuracy.

Having the most expensive bow with zero skills would be useless. You can be assured that a cheaper bow in the hands of a skilled archer can shoot with pinpoint accuracy and consistency. The other factors that affect accuracy can be crosswinds while you shoot.

Consistent Shooting

Another commonly discussed factor is the consistency with which an archer can hit a target. This factor is again determined by the skill levels that an archer possesses. Anyone who has no skills but has an expensive bow may not be able to consistently hit targets.

So, investing a lot of money in a bow without skills or practice can never make you a good archer. You should constantly practice archery to become a skilled archer who can be consistent with the shots you take time and again.

Facts About Expensive Bows And Equipment

We would agree that there are specific facts about expensive bows that are true. The below factors are the ones that are true with costly bows, and these apply to compound bows, recurve bows, and traditional ones.

Lasts Longer

The longevity of the expensive bow is higher, which is a point that has to be agreed upon. It is because these expensive bows are made from high-quality materials. Some manufacturers use carbon fiber to make the limbs of the bows, and these are costly materials indeed.

Even constant abuse in the hands of an inexperienced archer would not damage this material. So, they are prone to lasting a lot longer than the inexpensive bows available on the market. You should not be misled into thinking that those expensive bows are indestructible. 

Wooden bows made by some manufacturers are capable of withstanding the same test. However, these would be expensive and not available at an economical price from the market.

Weight Of Bows 

Expensive bows are heavier due to the types of materials used to build them. Again, carbon fiber can be light in weight and still be costly due to the cost of the material involved in making the bow.

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Consider the riser that you will be using when you have a bow. The riser would be on the expensive side as well and made of metal, and it would mean that the riser, along with a carbon fiber bow, would still make it heavier. So, consider the accessories and weight of it. 

You will be straining your muscles with heavier bows and accessories. However, these expensive and heavier ones can help a skillful archer hunt or hit targets with relative ease. Handling these would take practice and patience from the archer.


It is true that the expensive bows use innovative technology and are up to date with the latest designs. They are intended to make it easier for the archer to shoot better. Accuracy, consistency, and arrow speed come along with innovative designs.

These require minimal effort from the archer to use these expensive bows. However, a certain degree of skill, practice, and patience would still be required to use these bows. So, paying more for a bow would often get you more in terms of technology.

Better Design

You also tend to get a better design when you pay more for a bow. These designs come with innovation too, and they are often simple on the archer when they use these bows. The structure would often help beginners get better at archery sooner.

So, if you invest in an expensive bow, you are likely to spend less time being in the stage of a novice or a beginner. It can be one reason that beginners prefer to invest considerable money in buying an expensive bow during the early stages of practicing.

Why Cheaper Bows Should Not Be Considered  

Even though they are of comparable quality, it is not advisable to go too cheap when purchasing a bow. Various factors affect the bow when they are very inexpensive from a manufacturer. We look at these factors to help you understand better.


You will find bows on the market that are cheap and look like the expensive ones as well. These are often not made of the same materials as the expensive ones. Despite their looks, they can often break down and will not last long.

You should be aware of the fact that looks can be deceptive. So, if you find an extremely cheap bow, you should know that it could be one that you should keep away from. Always consider the materials that the bow is made of to ensure good quality. 

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The features you look for would never be available in a cheap bow. Some of them include the mechanism, accessory compatibility, and other features. So, if you wish to have characteristics in your bow, you should not consider the cheaper options in the marketplace.

Things To Consider For The Ideal Bow

Other than being expensive or inexpensive, you should know that there are other things that you should look for in a bow. One of the main things that do not have anything to do with the cost of the bow is “bow-fit.”

A bow-fit is simply what works best for an archer in terms of bow and related equipment. It often does not have anything to do with cost, features, or materials that the bows are made of. A bow that suits one person may be a complete misfit for another.

Therefore, rather than considering the bow’s cost, features, or materials, you should look at the bow-fit that suits you. It is one thing that comes with experience, and you may have to try using a variety of bows before selecting the right fit for you.

Your style of shooting, skill level, requirements, and personal preferences are some of the factors that commonly affect a bow-fit. The style of the bow and the design may also play a role in influencing bow-fit, and it applies to an archer who goes hunting or practices on target faces. 


It does not matter if you choose an expensive bow or an inexpensive one, as long as you possess the skill level to use it. However, there are always benefits of purchasing an expensive bow, which you should consider.

It does not essentially mean that inexpensive options should not be considered. You have to select as per your bow-fit and not be worried about how much it will cost. 

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